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Share a tip on a great football trip abroad for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher


Watching a football match (men’s or women’s games) abroad is a great way of experiencing local culture and passions (and that’s what we want to hear about – not a report on the actual match), while going on a European city break to watch a game gives a great focal point to a trip. You might be a UK football fan with a hankering for particular team in another country, were visiting friends in a city who invited you along, or just love the sport and don』t fancy paying £50 for a ticket here!

Send us your recommendations via GuardianWitness including any relevant details about travel, friendly bars, ticket details, restaurants and places to stay. You』re welcome to add a photo if you own the copyright to it – but it’s the text we』ll be judging.

The best tips will appear in print in Guardian Travel and the winner, chosen by Tom Hall of Lonely Planet, will receive a £200 hotel voucher from, allowing you to stay in more than 260,000 places worldwide. Submit your tip by clicking the blue button and using the text tab.

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  • 正義聯盟之正義辣椒妹 ???? ???? ????‏ @LillyLe68711236

    美國該做的隨時就做,怎麼可能等共軍來襲了才來打電話、才來旅遊法、才來AIT? 美國當然ㄧ直在挑明著進行中,當然也要台灣不能動!怕台灣自己鬧出什麼險步讓美國沒有準備,所有的行動都讓美國來做!蠢共只能啞巴吃黃連⋯⋯懂了沒?美國還會持續做下去的,你等著看,這英雄人物得是美國!

  • 《玩旅遊大亨都會做的事》【頑GAME】 - YouTube

    如果喜歡這部影片請訂閱我們唷!※此為戲劇效果純屬虛構馬上訂閱頑Game▻▻ 觀看更多影片▻▻ ...